Top best 2017 automated email marketing softwares

By | August 8, 2017

Top best 2017 automated email marketing softwares

Are you searching for top best 2017 automated email marketing softwares then don’t worry you are on right place. I will guide you to choose the best automated email marketing software. Before I start explaining the various email marketing softwares firstly I will tell you something which was very helpful for you.

Before choosing any automated email marketing softwares firstly you need to think that what you want from that. I mean you need to think, How many emails you want to send and how much was your budget. keep these things in mind before choosing any one of the following softwares.

Here is the list of Top 5 Best 2017 automated email marketing softwares. I will explain each software one by one.

1. Constant contact

It is the  best email marketing tool for beginners. It is very easy to use that’s why it is best for beginners. It will give you free 60 days trial and after that you need to pay $20/month. It has built in social media tools and will give you free 1GB space for storing your data.

You can check it by simple clicking here.


2. Convert kit

It is the another best email automation tool. It allows you to send emails to those people who are interested in your product or also gives you information about the people who have already purchased it.

Its plans starts from $29/month with a 30 day refund policy. It is the best tool for professional blogger, marketers. It is easy to use and very powerful and effective tool.


3. Get response

It is the another email marketing tool which gives you free 30 day trial. It is also very easy to use . it is also best for beginners and for small businesses.

You can check this by clicking here.

This is all about Top best 2017 automated email marketing softwares.

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